One of the best in Africa and one of the most beautiful places in the world is the Victoria Falls on Africa's largest river Zhambese, which is still a border. From Zambia and Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is a worldwide waterfall with a length of one mile and a height of over 100 meters. It is also the world's greatest relic.

From the distance of 40 meters, the sound of the streams of Victoria was heard, when the streams and streams coming out of the water reached 400 meters high and could be seen from afar. 50 miles The Mozy-O-Tuniya River does not refer to the local community, which says "smoking".

In the name of Queen Victoria of the famous explorer of the Scottish missionary and Africa David Livingstone (1813-1873) Livingstone is the first Europe to cross South Africa to North Africa, which saw the whole rock in 1855 when Christianity entered Africa has been proclaimed. That's why Livingstone is unhappy with his discovery: it's a barrier in his path.

Despite the differences she remained with the beauty of the fall. In 1857 Livingstone writes that no one in the US can imagine the beauty of this place. Religious Livingston also noted that there are visual admirers in most Angels. He was with the soldiers, but two were at risk of raising Livingston's waterfall. For African species there is a danger of falling.

Since 1905 people have not seen the waterfall of people going out. Since then, Victoria Falls has been opened until the end of the British Constitution. The number of tourists has fallen due to the attack in Zimbabwe in the late 1960s. Zimbabwe has found peace in this area and the Victoria Falls has begun to attract a new wave of tourism.

Approximately 300,000 visitors come every year at the end of the 1990s. The Victoria Falls is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and there is no fear of travel success between Zambia and Zimbabwe's smoke in the population and between the two sides of the river.
The fall was created in the faulty area of ​​error. Criste from Fall Island Islands divides the mainstream into several branches. In floods, water flows every minute in almost half of the water.

What is the level of water throughout the year; It is at its peak in April, the summer rain is about 500 million liters of water, which is the lowest grade in early October and early November. .

Interestingly, the face of the Zambhabi River will dry up during the dry season of dry season, and it may go through some parts of the waterfall. However, in the past year, Victoria Falls was a skyscraper that made anyone with its power.

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