One of Africa's most beautiful and best places in Africa is the Victoria Falls on the largest river Zambies in Africa, which is still a border. From Zambia and Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is a world-wide waterfall with a length of 100 meters and a height of 100 meters. It is also the world's greatest relic.

From a distance of 40 meters, the sound of the flow of Victoria was heard, as the streams and streams coming out of the water reached 400 meters high and could be seen from a distance. 50 miles Mozy-O-Tunia river does not refer to the local community, which is called "smoking".

David Livingstone (1813-1873), named after Scottish missionary and African explorer Queen Victoria, is the first Europe from South Africa to North Africa, which saw the entire cliff in 1855, the Christian faith entered Africa. . That's why Livingstone is unhappy with its discovery: it's a hindrance in its way.

Despite the differences, it remains with the beauty of autumn. In 1857, Livingstone writes that no one in the US can imagine the beauty of this place. Religious Livingston also noted that most angels have visual admirers. They were with soldiers, but two of the Livingston Falls were in danger of increasing. For African species, there is fear of fall.

Since 1905, people have not seen the waterfall of people going out. Since then, Victoria Falls has been opened till the end of the British Constitution. The number of tourists decreased due to the invasion of Zimbabwe at the end of the 1st century. Zimbabwe has got peace in this area and Victoria Falls has started attracting a new wave of tourism.

About 300,000 visitors arrive every year in the 1990's. Victoria Falls is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and does not fear the success of Zambia and Zimbabwe travel to travel between the population and the river on both sides of the river.
Fall was created in the faulty area of ​​error. Kriste Island of Fall Island Island has divided mainstream into multiple disciplines. About half of the water flows in water every minute.

What is the water level throughout the year; It is on top in April, summer rainfall is about 500 million liters of water, which is the lowest grade in early October and early November. .

Interestingly, the face of the Jhambhribi River will dry in the dry season of dry season and it can pass through some parts of the falls. However, Victoria Waterfall was a skyscraper that made anyone with its power ..........
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